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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Latest Trending clock that can connect to all your favorite services and devices.. August 3,2017

Clocks are great, but sometimes they can be
very, very dumb.
Homes are getting smart, phones are already
smart, and speakers are genius-level smart, but
clocks are still super dumb. But just because
they’ve merely been telling time since, well, the
dawn of time, doesn’t mean that they should
stay that way forever.
There are some wonderful, game-changing
smart clocks out there, like the Red Dot Design
award-winning LaMetric Time . This clock
connects to your WiFi and can be programmed
to interface with all of your favorite services
and Internet of Things devices like Amazon
Alexa, Phillips Hue, WeMo, Nest, Ring,
SmartThings, and IFTTT. It can control your
smart home, wake you up with music, give you
the weather forecast, and even turn off your
appliances. It’s so advanced that it will make
your grandfather clock look like a dodo bird.
LaMetric Time features a versatile, intelligent
display that can show indicators, statuses,
metrics, notifications, news, and messages for
many different kinds of activities. Standing
small at 7.9 inches by 2.4 inches by 1.4 inches,
it’s the perfect size for any shelf, bedside, or
LaMetric Time works with iOS or Android and
comes with interchangeable plugs for the
United States, United Kingdom, and Europe. You
could even bring it with you on your next
international vacation and blow the locals away
with your cool, futuristic clock.
LaMetric Time normally costs $199, but you can
get it for just $169 , a savings of 15

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