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Friday, 14 July 2017

must read - Zac Mitchell : Australian Surgeons Replace Man’s Thumb With His Toe After It Was Severed By A Bull - July 14,2017

An Australian cattle worker , Zac Mitchell,
whose thumb was severed by a bull has
undergone a successful surgery by replacing
it with his toe .
The 20 -year -old was attacked back in April
while working on a remote farming property
in Western Australia.
Explaining the incident, the young cattle
working said “ a bull kicked my hand into the
fence. ’ he told the BBC .
According to him, his fellow workers had
attempted to preserve his thumb
immediately after the accident before he
was flown to a hospital in the state capital
of Perth , but efforts to save his thumb
ultimately failed by placing it in a cooler with
some ice
Mitchell underwent two unsuccessful
operations to reattach his thumb before
doctors opted to relocate his big toe in the
surgery lasting eight hours .
He agreed to the successful transplant
operation at the Sydney Eye Hospital two
weeks ago.
The lead plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Nicklin
told BBC in a chat that he was not surprised
it took time for Mirchell to accept.
“ It is a bit of a crazy idea – the [ patient ] do
not want to be injured in another part of
their body, ” he said . “[ However ] even if you
have got four good fingers , if you do not
have something to pinch against them , your
hand has lost a huge amount of its
function . ”
According to him, he will need more than 12
months of rehabilitation before he returns to
return to farm work.
The Sydney Eye Hospital said it was rare to
transplant a complete toe , like in Mr.
Mitchell’s case, although partial toe
relocations were more common.
“ A lot of people think their balance and
walking is going to be significantly affected
which it generally isn ’ t , ” Dr . Nicklin said .
Zac Mitchell mum , Karen , confirmed that his
son is making a good recovery . “ Two weeks
since the operation his walking is almost
back to normal. ”

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