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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Ademola Falomo Is The 19- Year-Old Nigerian About To Change The Game In Cinematography

Ademola Falomo is the 19-year-old
cinematographer who made the stunning video
for Odunsi The Engine’s “Desire.
In an interview with Konbini, Falomo talked
about the present, the future and everything in
Read excerpts.

Konbini: How long have you been a
cinematographer – and how did you discover
Ademola Falomo: I’ve been a cinematographer
for 5 years; or rather, my whole filmmaking
experience has been running for the past 5
years. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to start out
with because filmmaking is so broad, but the
fascinating aspect is that whether you are the
camera operator or the storyteller or even the
key grip, you are still a creator in equal respect.
I started out from editing to being a
cinematographer. I have tried other aspects of
filmmaking but all I wanted to be was the boy
capturing those immense moments. I was only
13 when I started out as a photographer, but my
love for filmmaking picked up two years later
when I discovered photoshop on my brother’s
So, why did you gravitate towards making
music videos?
I basically started out with the idea to change an
industry that sends out a message that
materialism and consumerism are the key to
happiness. I think music videos should be about
bringing up issues people deal with and
fuelling discussions around them.
The simplest things in life could unburden our
lives and at the same time propel us to achieve
more. It is entirely liberating to discover how
little we actually need in this world of so many.
Can we talk about the videos for “Gangster
Fear” and “Desire” – how did you come up with
the concepts?f
For “Gangster Fear”, I need to give props to
Santi; he is a mastermind and a brilliant
storyteller. Santi and I have been good friends
since 2015. I had shot a couple of trailers for
him before “Gangster Fear” and at that particular
point I didn’t want to go into making music
videos but since we had built that trust I decided
to do it.
So, Santi and I are suckers for colours and we
wanted to incorporate that but still portray the
darkness, like a visual representation of
“suffering and smiling”.
For “Desire”, it was pretty much a vibe of
aesthetics accompanied by a slow motion theme.
Odunsi is more of a minimalist, which you can
tell from his sound.
Before the video, I had always wondered how
China town looked like so when we got there to
shoot, we decided to create something awe-
inspiring with beautiful B-roll shots – and that is
exactly what we did. So basically all the moments
we shared in the video were just things I
considered scenic.
What other projects have you worked on – and
which are you most proud of?
I have worked on a fashion campaign video by a
Dubai-based brand called The Way and Santi’s
new video for his song called “Jungle Fever”. I
think so far, I am most proud of the Santi video,
which will be out in a couple of months.
At the end of the day I’m grateful for how far I’ve
come; content with what I’ve done; and I am
hopeful for more growth.
What can we expect from you next?
It is important that I keeping honing my talent. I
understand the art of filmmaking is something
you learn through actions and I intend to keep
working and evolving with my work.
For the future, I am definitely going to put out
lots of feature films with top class
cinematography. I hope to offend the ‘gods of
film’ with my body of work – that is a measure
of growth for me.

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